I will prove that Duminda is not sick, says Hirunika

Parliamentarian Hirunika Premachandra yesterday claimed she was ready to get a team of doctors to prove that Duminda Silva, who is presently in the prison hospital, was not suffering from any illness at all.

She said she had repeatedly said that Mr. Silva was not ailing and that a team of doctors had proved that fact. “I have said from day one Mr. Silva is not sick. I saw him being taken to the eye hospital in a wheelchair. He has no ailment in his stomach or legs as he has claimed. I am ready to get a team of doctors to examine him in order to prove that he is fit as can be. I have an impartial team of doctors in the prison hopital to do so,” she said.

She told a news conference that Mr. Silva who was fit enough to be able to come to court when called upon to do so, had suddenly fallen ill after being imprisoned.

Refering to the defamation case filed by MP Udaya Gammanpila, she said she did not attend the court hearing with regard to the case filed by Mr. Gammanpila as she did not get a court summons. “I did not get any notice sent to my present address. So I could not attend the court hearings and the court has given an

ex-parte decision. Now I have received notice to my present address giving me a week’s time to explain the reason for my failure to appear. Now I am ready to continue the case. I have explained my reasons for not appearing in court on that date. I would like the case to be heard again. I will win the case and show that what I said was true,” she said.

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