Sathosa reduces the price of coconuts to Rs. 65

The Coconut Cultivation Board and Lanka Sathosa have jointly taken measures to provide coconuts at Rs 65.

Accordingly the consumers will receive the opportunity to purchase 5 coconuts for 65 rupees at Sathosa outlets.

Coconut Cultivation Board (CCB) Chairman Kapila Yakandawala said that the CCB has already issued one million coconuts to the market.

Measures would be taken to supply four million coconuts to the market by next month.

“Then we would be able to completely normalize the price of coconuts,” he said.

He said around 70,000 coconuts have been supplied to 180 urban Sathosa outlets and ‘Kapruka’ societies have also been informed to supply coconuts directly to Sathosa outlets.

Yakandawala said the program to provide coconuts to the public at a concessionary price was launched by the CCB with the intention of controlling unusual price hike.

“As a result of this we would be able to control the unnecessary profits earned by traders,” he said

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