Speaker insists PC polls bill passed according to Standing Orders

Speaker Karu Jayasuriya informed the House yesterday that the Provincial Council Election (Amendment) bill had been duly passed in Parliament in accordance with Standing Orders.

The Speaker, making a clarification of media reports on the process of passage of the bill, said that some newspapers had reported that the bill had not been passed properly.

“I have observed that adverse public opinion is being formed about the process of passing the Provincial Councils Elections (Amendment) bill on Sept 20. Such reports have been published and aired by both print and electronic media. On that day, the content of the bill and amendments meant for the bill was discussed at length at the House committee and party leaders too were informed thereof. There was a need for an additional time to draft some of the amendments and the process came to an end around 7.45 pm. There was no delay or additional increase of time of the sittings of the House. When the House received relevant amendments and the debate came to an end the bill was taken for the third reading and duly passed in accordance with the provisions of the Standing Orders of parliament.” (SI)

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