President Won’t Touch Me:IGP Pujith Jayasundara

I Saved Daham And His Veyangoda Underworld, President Won’t Touch Me: IGP Pujith Jayasundara.

IGP Pujith Jayasundara who was accused of threatening his subordinates told a bunch of his close friends that he was not 100 % but 1000% sure that President Maithripala Sirisena would not take any action against him.

A leaked video going viral on social media shows IGP Jayasundara abusing his powers in an incident that had taken place a few months ago, on 17 April 2017. The IGP is seen assaulting a lift operator at the Police Head Quarters. It is reported that he had been enraged that the said lift operator had not followed a meditation program that he had made compulsory for all staff every morning. In the same video the IGP is caught threatening to allegedly rape a female working under him too.

Interestingly the leaked video had all this time been under the possession of the Criminal Investigation Department at the time of the leakage.

At a gathering on Tuesday,

IGP Jayasundara told a close friend who in turn blurted it out to many “I am the one who saved President’s son Daham when he and his friends went berserk and smashed the Clique night club and assaulted its staff. The President was not in the country at that time. He was very worried and I took care of that problem for President Sirisena. I obtained all related CCTV footage from all the buildings surrounding the Clique night club including their own CCTV footage. I even advised the Maradana Police Station and to the entire Police force not to proceed with any investigations and not talk to the media. I also arranged for President Sirisena to watch the CCTV footage on his return. Then President himself spoke to all the media heads and begged them not to expose the incident, although bloody Colombo Telegraph had by then exclusively carried the entire episode including video footage of the saga. Several social media copied it and then carried the story. Only one daily newspaper published a story about the incident, but they did not mention Daham Sirisena’s name. They referred to Daham as the son of a VVIP. This is how I managed to hush up the entire incident”.

“I not only saved President Sirisena and his son, but I also saved all the Veyangoda gangsters from media exposure who happened to be the President’s relatives” he went on to confess.”Still the Sri Lankan public have no idea about who that VVIP was,” he said.

A close friend had then inquired from IGP Jayasundara: “If after several months this video which was leaked exposing you in full and now the chances are that you may get the sack. If that happens would you also expose Daham Sirisena’s Clique night club saga to the entire media?”

Meanwhile speaking to journalists at the weekly Cabinet Ministers press briefing, Government spokesman Minister Rajitha Senaratne said “The IGP’s behaviour in the video footage is similar to torture. When international organizations’ accuse our police officers of torturing suspects when in custody, we will have no choice but to agree and accept it. This entire incident simply embarrassed our entire Police force”.

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