Disce Aut Discade – Minister Dayasiri Finally Gets It Right At Ravi K’s Expense

Taking advantage to clear his earlier made blooper which went viral on social media, Minister of Sports Dayasiri Jayasekara finally pronounced the Royal College Latin Motto ‘Disce Aut Discade’ correctly during a televised interview at the expense of his fellow parliamentarian Ravi Karunanayakethe Minister of Foreign Affairs and Lotteries.

Minister Jayasekara taking full advantage whilst being interviewed by a local television channel went on to pronounce the Royal College Motto ‘Disce Aut Discade’ correctly which he had earlier made a hash of at a media briefing during the famous traditional Royal Thomian cricket big match in march of this year.

That particular video clip went viral where Minister Jayasekara ended up been at the butt end of many jokes that went viral on social media.

During his interview Minister Dayasiri Jayasekara emphasized that the current government was voted into power to wipe out fraud and corruption.

His statement comes hot on the heels as currently the entire nation eagerly awaits the outcome of the Central Bank ‘Bond Scam‘ investigation where Minister Karunanayake is severely embroiled in.

ඇමති දයාසිරි කොළඹ රාජකීය විද්‍යාලයේ ආදර්ශ පාඨය යළි සිහිපත් කරයි. #DisceAutDiscede #Minister #DayasiriJayasekara #lka #News1st

Posted by Newsfirst.lk on Friday, August 4, 2017

However now many renowned old boys from Royal College have commented that Minister Jayasekara in spite of attempting to correct his earlier made blunder has nevertheless used the Royal College motto completely out of context.

The Royal College motto in Latin which reads ‘Disce Aut Discade’ means ‘Learn or Depart’.

Speaking to Colombo Telegraph a prominent old Royalists said “During his interview Minister Jayasekara uses only the latter part of the Motto ‘Discade’ which means ‘Depart’, to convey his message that many corrupt heads of states such as former Presidents such as Egyptian Hosni Mubarak and South Korea’s Park Geun-Hye and also Pakistani Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif were ousted from power due to corruption”.

“In Minister Karunanayake’s case he is still learning how to steal from the public funds without being caught. So the chances of him remaining in power is still very high despite the Joint Opposition MP’s filing a ‘No Confidence’ motion in parliament for his ouster,” he further said.

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