‘Forgotten Password’

Commission to take legal action if he has told a lie

Aloysius accused of using wife’s mobile number to access Apple account.

1692654697commision in sri lankan newsJustice Prasanna Jayawardena, Member of the presidential commission of inquiry probing alleged bond scams, said yesterday that legal action would be taken against Arjun Aloysius of Perpetual Treasuries if the latter had made a false claim that he had forgotten the password of his live Apple account while using it.

The justice said so when Anuja Premaratna, PC, counsel for Aloysius, told the commission that his client had forgotten the password of the live Apple account.

Assistant Solicitor General (ASG) Yasantha Kodagoda said that though Aloysius’ phone had been handed over to the commission and his number was under surveillance, he had used his wife’s Singaporean mobile number to access his live Apple account during the past 48 hours. Therefore, Aloysius’ claim that he could not remember the password word was a lie, Kodagoda said, pointing out that Aloysius would not have been able to do so if he had forgotten the password.

ASG Kodagoda said Aloysius had not submitted his password to the commission though he had been asked to do so ten days back. The Aloysius’ objective was to delete the backup data, Kodagoda said, arguing that it was risky for him to be allowed to access his account.

ASG Kodagoda requested the commission to issue an order debarring Aloysius from accessing the live Apple account.

Senior Assistant Solicitor General (SASG) Dappula de Livera asked the commission to issue an order preventing either Aloysius or anyone else on his behalf from using the live Apple account at issue.

Having listened to arguments put forth by the state counsel and the lawyers appearing for Aloysius, Commission Chairman Justice K. T. Chitrasiri said an appropriate order would be given.

Meanwhile, in answer to a question posed by Chanaka de Silva, the counsel representing former Central Bank Governor Arjuna Mahendran, Central Bank, Assistant Governor R. A. A. Jayalath reiterated that Mahendran had threatened him to attach Saman Kumara to the front office of the Central Bank EPF department.

Justice Jayewardena wanted to know how Jayalath could say that he had been threatened. Jayalath said Mahendran had shouted, ordering him to do it. He added that other Governors handled such matters in a very calm manner.

Counsel de Silva said Jayalath was giving previously prepared evidence. The latter totally rejected the allegation.

Before the arrival of Nihal Fernando, PC, who appears for Perpetual Treasuries, his junior Romali Tudawe asked Jayalath what he thought of the recorded telephone conversations between the EPF and Pan Asia Bank and between Perpetual Treasuries and Pan Asia Bank, played before the commission the previous day. Jayalath said he thought all deals had been predetermined and there had been collusion.

Assistant Governor Jayalath said he gathered from the recordings that bond deals had been carried out at the previous day’s interest rates in spite of the ones on the day of transactions.

Counsel de Silva, in answer to a question, from the Commission Chairman whether there were more questions to be asked, Counsel de Silva answered in the affirmative. Justice Chitrasiri asked Jayalath to come at 12.30 pm today because former Finance Minister Ravi Karunanayake had been asked to appear before the commission at 10.00 am.

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