Anti-SAITM protest march continues; Day 2 to end in Nelumdeniya

Day 2 of the anti-SAITM protest march organized by the Inter-University Students’ Action Committee is currently in progress.

The protest march was launched based on several factors including the abolition of SAITM, and in protest of acts aimed at student suppression.

The protest march which originated in Peradeniya is expected to lead all the way up to Colombo over the time period of five days.

The protesters had successfully travelled from Peradeniya up to Mawanella on foot, during the course of yesterday (31).

Acting Convener of the Inter-University Students’ Action Committee, Sanath Bandara stated that protesters were scheduled to walk from Mawanella up to Nelumdeniya during the course of today (01), as part of the protest’s schedule for Day 2.



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