Nobody can form a new govt. without my blessing: President

President Maithripala Sirisena today said everybody should keep in their minds that his blessing is essential to form a new government though some groups are dreaming of changing the numbers in Parliament and capture power to form a government.

Commenting on a statement by an opposition parliamentarian as well as a former minister who said the power of the government and the Presidency will be over after winning the support of 113 members in Parliament, the President pointed out that according to the Constitution, nobody can form a new government without his blessing.

He stated when the current government is forwarding its activities by removing all barriers, some empty vociferous people are trying to make disturbances.

The President was speaking at the occasion to open the new building of the Regional Education Office in Hingurakgoda today.

“Some media today have given space not for the people who work with a true feeling about the country, but for the empty vociferous people. Therefore, some people in the country have been given a misunderstanding about the government”, the President said.

“Some people raise these useless voices as they cannot bear the program of the current government carried out through protecting of the freedom and the democracy in the country by changing the way of the country which had been forwarding through fraud, corruption, waste and the family based authority, under my leadership as a leader who raised from the village”, he said.

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