Indefinite train strike from tonight: LEOU

The Railway Engine Drivers Union yesterday announced that they would launch an indefinite strike from tonight over several demands including the operation of Chinese power sets having problems with their break system.

Locomotive Engineering Operators’ Union (LEOU) Secretary Indika Dodangoda said the appointment process of the Engine Drivers’ duties to the Co-Drivers had not been done according to the appropriate procedures in the Railways Department.

Therefore, earlier a token strike was planned and it was called off following a request made by Prime Minister’s Secretary Saman Ekanayake on July 11 to provide solutions for the recruitment issued.

However, the appointment process was functioning as same and the placement examination was also planned to be held by the Examinations Department on August 26,” he said.

Mr. Dodangoda said that they also had decided to stop operating Chinese carriages and Class S10 trains with engine carriages and Chinese power sets and from tonight.

He said the Chinese locomotives are having problems with their break system.

He said that, the Railways department had decided to issue charge sheets to the engine drivers and related officials for derailments and other runtime issues despite the faults with the break system.

The railway Department had known about the problem of the break systems on Chinese carriages but without considering the defects the responsibility had been put on the engine driver and related officials.

“The strike action will continue tomorrow and following the response of the authorities,” he said.

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