GMOA withdraws from talks with President, PM alleging sabotage by Health Minister

The Government Medical Officers Association (GMOA) on Wednesday withdrew from discussions with the President and Prime Minister on Minimum Standards for Medical Education, following the alleged appointment of a person connected to the tobacco industry as a board member of the Neville Fernando Teaching Hospital.

GMOA Secretary Dr. Haritha Aluthge alleged that this latest government move was against world norms. The Union saw it as an attempt to vilify the government and place it in a quandary by jeopardizing the lives of patients further. “It is apparent that the Health Minister does not want the talks to come to fruition,” he observed.

Dr Aluthge said the membership felt that it was futile to continue with the talks as in the end no matter what agreement was reached it all would come to nothing owing to the Health Minister’s machinations. He alleged that in the end the Minister would only reverse any decisions that were taken during discussions.

The university students who had been taken in to custody had been scheduled for release following necessary legal action yesterday. However according to information that the GMOA received the Attorney General had not been present in court. Such action would only have adverse effects on the Prime Minister’s efforts to resolve the issue, he said. (DJ)

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