Car registrations decline.

Car registration has declined in June compared to May. However brand new motor cars registration has shown a marginal increase by 6% from 982 in May to1,044 in June. However the small car segment share dropped slightly from 94% to 92.6%.

Financing share for Large cars declined from 37.5% to 26.8%, medium car financing share increased from 25.7% to 30.5%. Small car financing share increased from 58% to 61%. Overall financing share for brand new cars increased from 56% to 59%.

Pre-owned motor cars declined MoM by 4% but increased YoY by 38%. Suzuki performed slightly better owning to the Wagon-R. Medium car segment share for Pre-owned cars declined from 55% in May to 49% in June. Overall financing share for pre-owned cars increased from 49.3% to 53.6%.

Overall premium motor cars observed significant growth from last month, further it has also reached its highest in the year so far.

Brand new premium cars were led by Mercedez Benz(E-Class) and the Audi ( A-6). Used premium cars were led by BMW 5-series and Mercedez Benz E-class.

Electric cars also got a slight relief from its downward trajectory, increasing from 9 in May to 13 in June. SUV’s continued its momentum increasing from 472 in May to 492 in June. Brand new SUV’s were up by 30% MoM while pre-owned SUV’s declined by 3%. No significant changes in Hybrid category. Toyota’s witnessed a decline especially the Axio (from 539 to 493 in June).

Van registrations declined in June, with both Midsize vans’ and mini vans declining. Financing share increased marginally from 69.6% to 71.1%.

3-wheelers continued its upward trajectory, increasing by 12.5% MoM. Financing share increased from 59.7% in May to 63.4% in June. 2-wheelers declined in June by 11.6% MoM. Scooters also observed a decline from 17,783 in May to 14,846 in June.

Financing share for 2-wheelers remained at 71%. No major changes for Pickup registrations from last month.

Meanwhile the registratrion of mini trucks has increased by 12% MoM. Brand new Mini trucks totaled 230 in June in comparison to 197 in May.

Mahindra observed a growth in market share from 16.8% to 20.9%.

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