Which angle women look most attractive?

While taking the perfect selfie is more art than science, a group of researchers recently turned up an interesting discovery in the field of photographing oneself.
They found that women are perceived as more attractive when they turn the left side of their face towards the camera. If a woman tilts her face to the right, she is seen as more willing to help, according to the psychology study from the University of Bamberg in Germany.
Men can also benefit from choosing the right perspective, but in their case the effect is not so pronounced.
The researchers asked more than 300 test subjects to look at images of 3-D computer-generated models of human faces at seven different angles, all of which were from a selfie perspective.
Subjects then had to give their opinion about the depicted person’s attractiveness, dominance, intelligence and body weight – based just off the image.
So it seems that sometimes “turn the other cheek” might be good advice after all – at least during a selfie session.

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