125 cartons of cigarettes seized at BIA

125 cartons of cigarettes worth Rs. 1,250,000 have been detected by Airport Customs at the Bandaranaike International Airport (BIA) in the early hours today (10).

The cigarettes were brought into BIA at approximately 2.10 am, aboard a Kuwait Airways aircraft bearing the number KU 361.

According to Airport Customs, the passenger who perpetrated the attempted smuggling was a businessman who was returning from Kuwait.

The cigarettes had reportedly been packed amongst his personal items.

Airport Customs affirmed that the passenger had been released under orders of the Deputy Director of Customs, M. R. Mihira Piyarathne, after a penalty of Rs. 25, 000 was imposed.

The smuggled goods had also been forfeited and taken into the custody of the authorities.

The detection was made by Assistant Superintendents of Customs P. A. Gunasekara, G. Rengaraj, M. M. P. Gunathilake & G. P. Rajarathne Krishantha.

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