Experts from Thailand to hand over Dengue report to Health Ministry

The Ministry of Health says the report compiled by a team of experts from Thailand with regard to the eradication of Dengue in the country, will be received by the Ministry tomorrow, Monday, July 10.

The Ministry says that a team of ten Sri Lankan specialist doctors was deployed to assist the Thai experts.

During their visit, the experts from Thailand inspected hospitals where there is a high influx ofDdengue patients.

The Ministry added that the team will remain in the country for a week, and that a new programme will be launched to combat Dengue, based on the findings of this team. According to the Ministry of Health, 80,732 cases of Dengue patients have been reported during 2017, of which 227 cases have been fatal.

The highest number of patients is being reported from the Western Province.

The Ministry also notes that a large number of Dengue cases are being reported from the Trincomalee, Kandy and Kurunegala districts.

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