Where was the intelligence?

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Where was the intelligence? 

The police and other intelligence arms did not have an inkling of where the procession of the Inter University Students Federation (IUSF) was heading yesterday until they reached their target and stormed the Health Ministry building Suvasiripaya on Deans Road, IUSF Convener Lahiru Weerasekara claimed.

The ministry officials inside the building at the time the IUSF students rushed into the premises, where they remained for several hours, had been allowed to vacate the premises unharmed.

However the IUSF claimed that they had been able to mislead the intelligence units as to their final target until they stormed the Health Ministry.

Addressing the crowd after the tense situation had been brought under control, the IUSF Convener said all attempts by the intelligence units to figure out where they were heading had been in vain as they had not been able to stop them until they reached their destination.

“Where was the intelligence? You missed your target this time. It hurts not because we were baton charged last time but it because we couldn’t crush your helmets as we maintained a higher level of discipline this time. You may kill our members like you did in Rathupaswala but hundreds more will take our place and our fight will continue until we taste success,”

He further said, yesterday was a milestone in their battle as they were able to teach the authorities a lesson and promised more of the same until the government changes its stance on the SAITM.



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