MORE rains expected

Although torrential rains subsided during the last two days, the Meteorology Department has warned of enhanced showery conditions again over the South-Western part of the island from today.

According to the Disaster Management Centre (DMC) situation report as at noon yesterday, the death toll from adverse weather had risen to 151 while the number of missing persons had also risen to 112. Around 442,300 people belonging to 114,124 families were affected in 15 districts due to the flood situation, with Galle, Matara, Ratnapura and Kalutara being the worst affected.

Further, 101,638 people belonging to 24,603 families were located at 319 safe locations. The DMC is coordinating disaster relief activities with Tri-Forces personnel, regional stakeholders and local and international voluntary groups. Fifty two persons have been injured while 230 houses have been fully damaged while another 1,701 houses have been partially damaged as of the available DMC statistics. “Major flood was in Nilwala basin. Most of the river bunts were overflowing.People living in Godagama, Hiththatiya, Thudawa, Malimbada, Siripanagoda, maduruduwa, Paragahathota, Kadduwa and all village to the lower basin of the Nilwala river have request to evacuate” The DMC spokesman said.

The National Building Research Organization (NBRO) renewed its landslide warnings to

Ratnapura, Kegalle, Galle, Kalutara, Matara, Hambantota and Nuwara Eliya at noon yesterday and requested immediate evacuation of people living on unstable steep slopes. “Always attention should be drawn to pre-landslide signs like slanting of trees or posts, cracks developing on the ground and walls, and sudden appearance of muddy water coming out from the ground or from springs. People should move away from hazardous areas when they notice above

signs,” NBRO sources said in its early warning notice.

According to the water level situation issued by Irrigation Department yesterday morning, the Kalu, Gin and Nilwala rivers were at the flood level, but the water levels were falling at many stations. Pitabeddara and Panadugama gauge posts of Nilwala River had been submerged.

A major flood alert was issued as the water level of Millaniya Bund (Paradoowa Alla Bund) was overflowing. People in Banadaragama, Viyanagoda, Paragastota, Dalkada, Menerihentuduwa, Galthude, Bulegoda, Palpola and surrounding areas in Kalutara District were requested to be vigilant. The Road Development Authority advised the motorists using the Southern Expressway to call 1969 and also to follow the expressway electronic displays.

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