Sanga`s crime

  • 8 Jul 2011 18:20:32 GMT

    This is ridicules and bloody too much, Sports Minister better not wear cloths specially the Tie & Coat if he don`t understand English despite he is largely responsible for the country`s defeat in the 2011 World Cup fineal. I guess Kumar has saved our country`s name very well. I consider Sangakkara is a man with back bone we need more and more people like him in this country to stand tall, speak fearlessly after all they are the ones who brings glory to Mother Lanka but certainly not these crap politicos who can`t speak a word insted swindel eat the whole thing. I read a beautiful article on this perticular issue in one of the leading UK news papers and in final remarks the writer questions as to what on earth can prevent Sangakkara talking on this issue is really praise worthy. The writer says `Sangakkara has every right to make observations about the iniquities of Sri Lanka cricket, not just right of free speech but a right confered upon him by 422 internationals over 11 years, more than 18,000 runs, two years of captaincy, a record of success both for himself and his team, a vast knowledge of his subject and a tireless commitment of the cause. if he has no right to speak, who does ? Fantastic...Sir... Bravo :)