Accidents swallow Rs 15 billion

  • 30 Mar 2010 04:30:08 GMT

    Out of Rs/= 15 billion 10 billion will be all false estimates and the funds would have been transfered to the minister`s personal bank acount in switzerland.

  • 30 Mar 2010 05:00:22 GMT

    Another 50% obtained licenses by bribing examiners.

    I think Sri lanka is the only country that drivers have to stop half way, while negotiating roundabouts.

  • 30 Mar 2010 06:46:38 GMT

    Another few billions worth of Gold chains stolen from the people using public transport ... by the ministers goons

  • 31 Mar 2010 02:13:36 GMT

    Onna Harakek paramadata panna ithin accident wean eka ahanna oneda?