Corruption: Judicial intervention only way out

  • 23 Sep 2009 04:32:13 GMT

    Yeah! Hats off to CJ Sarath Silva for stopping the plunder of public assets BUT what about CJ Sarath Silva`s own corruption????

    What about the way CJ Sarath Silva twisted the law to suit his own personal gains????? What about the way CJ Sarath Silva pressurised members of the judiciary to swing the scales of justice according how he wanted it in cases where he had personal interest totally disregarding the principles of justice?????? What about the way he victimised Justice Mark Fernando?????? What about the way Justices T.B.Weerasooriya and Shirani Bandaranayaka resigned from the Judicial Services Commission due to unethical procedures being adopted by CJ Sarath Silva to appoint unsuitable individuals who were licking Sarath Silva`s boots, as Magistrates????? What do we do for those??????? Put the hats back on!!