Hand grenade on bus

  • 19 Jun 2008 04:58:43 GMT

    Cautious passengers to Safe travel

    As we are so used to LTTE pre-planned tragic `killings` we do not have to imagine today`s private bus incident! If the `check point` had been at least a half hour ahead it would have been very sad incident on this `Poson Pohaya Dina`. Prior to this, there had been many modes of transportation of Pilgrims to various parts of Sri Lanka to commemorate the Day of `Birth of Buddha Sasana` of this Noble Country. Aside heading such travels to numerous points of directions a departure of a train from Slave Island Station boarded with hundreds of devotees, sponsored for the first time by a ruling Government - personally blessed by HE Presidnet who accompanied by some of his Ministers before heading towards Anuradhapura in commemoraton of this great day of Poson, marking the Historical Day of convertion of then ruling Monarch Devanam Piyatissa by another Devout Indian Monk who himself was a Royal Prince and happened to be the only son of Great Emperor Dharmashoka from (Bharath)India.

    All devotees who participate in Poson relegious activities can freely devote themselves mindfully and meditatively with the Blessings of the Most Sacred Triple Gem!

  • 19 Jun 2008 09:11:36 GMT

    Did they questioned the passenger? why was it not spoted during the trip? why it was spoted at the check point? Also in check points, are they searching the bus too or is it only the comuters?

  • 19 Jun 2008 14:18:53 GMT

    Each passenger`s observant is Crucial

    Careful investigations at checking point by the responsible ones led to trace the substance covered as a ordinary parcel. That`s why it was found at this spot and not by passengers who Cannot be blamed on an oversight. After all they are paying passengers looking forward to reach their destinations without any inconvenience. Hence this responsibility should be the task of the Vehicle`s Operators.