The battle of the Blues

  • 21 Jun 2007 06:17:17 GMT

    CBK will not get any support from SLFP and Mangala will be a failure from the day he left main SLFP.

    Same story to Vijaya when he left SLFP.

    Ranil and JVP are playing same old games without any success.

    MR will keep majority in Parliament by crook or hook as minority parties are well served.

  • 21 Jun 2007 07:02:53 GMT


    Yes, this is Mangala`s Waterloo :)



  • 21 Jun 2007 07:56:57 GMT

    These are the great Enimies of the people.

    Battle of blues, battle of Reds, Battle of Greens, Battle of Yellows. Waht a GOOD load of battles we have.

    Very good people, very good!! Ohoma yang,, ohoma yang..

    The LTTE Thugs WILL screw up in your a++. (you know where), till then.. ohoma yang goiyo..

    So much for our politics. LOT OF DIVISIONS. A great Nation.