Visa information leaked out to kidnappers

  • 17 May 2007 04:52:05 GMT

    It is good that president understand that these are not excuses, and similarly how can he wipe his hands saying that there is no access to Kilinotchchi for investigation, Why? because it is covered with Amazon forest?

    Isn`t it his duty to gain immediate access to Killinotchchi, which is entirely within the borders of his jurisdiction?

  • 17 May 2007 06:16:12 GMT

    How come MR stop kidnapping and Extortion when he is getting backing from corrupted ministers who work with criminals.

    GOSL should introduce back capital punishment to reduce first degree crimes.

    Sri Lanka yet to introduce laws to curb selling or passing personal data without permission.

  • 17 May 2007 07:28:28 GMT


    There is no such thing as `First Degree Crimes` in the SL law books. May be in the US!

  • 17 May 2007 08:42:14 GMT

    Foreign Governments have to right to advise SL President on Human Rights violations.

    Another divertionary tactics to tarnish the image of foreign High Commission in the aftermath of telling the Govt to investigate the Human Rights Violations and other kidnappings and murders.

  • 17 May 2007 15:15:48 GMT

    MR should give names of the embassies and people involved so that people can take precautions!

  • 18 May 2007 04:24:40 GMT

    You guys have missed the point which MR is trying to highlight with diplomacy.

    The western countries including Canada and USA had hired Sri Lankans for translation and other clerical works as non diplomatic mission. Who are those ? 99.9% are Tamils. The logic they bring hiring exclusively Tamils is that they are the people who could do interpretation work to both the Singhlaese speaking and Tamil speaking population of Sri Lanka. We cannot fight the legitimate logic, but it is those Tamils working in foreign embassies of Sri Lanka leaking information to LTTE and other Tamil para military groups of their choice.

    Singhalese have hard time getting visas when Tamils have no much problems for the same reason.

    In 1990, I went to UK. The personal who usually took the applications at British embassy was a Tamil Lady. One day I had some spare time in the morning and already had my application filled at home and I thought of dropping it at the British Embassy. I parked my old beetle at liberty plaza, walked up to the high commission, and the security guard asked me to go ahead and submit my visa application. At the counter was not a Sri Lankan on that day but a British woman. She took my application and asked me why I have not filled the application in black ink. I told her if the application did emphasize that it should be filled in black ink I would have gladly done so but I have only a blue pen. Then she said I need to give three photographs of mine and not two. My reply was that if the application said so I would have gladly done that but I have only two photographs. Then she asked me if I have any documents to prove the need of my visit to UK. I told her that I came to submit my application and not for an interview but I do have my documents to prove that my visit to UK is legitimate to do the PLAB exam but unfortunately they are in my brief case which I left in my car, parked at Liberty plaza. She found out that I am a tough nut and asked me to bring those wright away. I did another trip to Liberty plaza , brought them to the embassy and handed them to her. She took them without even looking at those and asked me to come back at 3.00 pm. I went at 3.00 PM and my Visa was ready.