Corrupt officials face painful death: CJ

  • 23 Apr 2006 03:36:34 GMT

    Saliya, If it is 2001-2003, The person is Mahinda Wijesekara not Mahinda Rajapakse.

  • 23 Apr 2006 04:06:38 GMT

    [`Such people won`t have a peaceful death. Some of them commit suicide.`]

    Yes, those who have at least some shame left commit suicide. Those who do not have any shame continue to remain in their high posts and preach us.

  • 23 Apr 2006 04:08:11 GMT

    [Corrupt officials face painful death: CJ ]

    Well, not exactly some of them are still licking very actively.

    Yes, once in a while they also go to Diyawanna banks to have some fun with young things.

  • 23 Apr 2006 04:31:15 GMT

    Come on Naleen; give him a break.

    You learn from experience.



  • 23 Apr 2006 04:42:42 GMT

    sarath silva is the most corrupt cj in the history of the Sri Lankan Judiciary. A disgrace to the bench with being investigated by the International Bar Association and found corrupt. There were 2 impeachment motions against him in parliament and he stole another man`s wife and saw that her husband could not get a lawyer to appear for divorce proceedings!!sarath silva was the chief respondent in that divorce complaint. the monks with lokubandara protected him when the unp was to get him out after Dec. 2001. he was a dayake of the katana temple! This was again Ranil`s spineless administration trying to please the monks. it is a joke when he talks of other`s sins! (forgive the bad grammar, I did not want to capitalise his name:))


  • 23 Apr 2006 06:02:05 GMT

    Azeduk (in Hunuwataye Kathawa) was better. He took bribes but gave right judgments.

  • 23 Apr 2006 08:17:16 GMT


    I am already your fan not only for the humor and sagacity of your posts but also for the substances which are long forgotten or long buried unnoticed and which surface to substantiate your views on currant situations.

    Please keep up.

  • 23 Apr 2006 08:32:36 GMT

    How dare this man speak about other`s being corrupted. This is nothing but garbage comming out from the mouth of this hypocrit.

  • 23 Apr 2006 09:27:32 GMT

    [`Such people won`t have a peaceful death. Some of them commit suicide.`]

    Look who is telling whom.

    What a joke, you can write books on the immoral acts performed by this guy.

  • 23 Apr 2006 10:01:23 GMT

    CEE JAY: Cee Kay oya saramak endagenada kata karanney?