LTTE launches village-level civil force in Trincomalee

  • 3 Sep 2005 23:12:44 GMT

    Nasty nasty nasty Singhula Buddhists killing nasty nasty Tamil Hindu`s.

    Nasty nasty nasty Tamil Hindu`s killing nasty nasty Sinhala buddhs...


    Any more news?

  • 3 Sep 2005 23:21:15 GMT

    Hi Gyan, would you like me to speak to Pirbha & get permission for you to do a study tour in this area, as I am positive that you have the makings of a good civil guard commander.

  • 3 Sep 2005 23:32:07 GMT

    Get me his MSN ID!



  • 3 Sep 2005 23:37:33 GMT

    Enough idiocy!

    Time to drink my cup of Horlicks and go to bed!

    Nighty night!


  • 4 Sep 2005 00:48:13 GMT

    I read novels about Rebels

    They are so powerful so you better be careful

    Kamar was a traitor but Tigers are Freedom Fighters

    New Revolution in our land? It?s all in your hand!

    Election coming next year! Well use your mind

    We aren?t here to go to hell, But don?t yell 2much!

    Our poor people suffer of pain! Will our gain be successful?

    Army fire us lot of times, we can?t react,

    BCuz of ceasefire, Candidates start to act smart to get votes

    Posters are already on the wall but they aren?t tall in their words;

    Our Masters are watching it and are ready for anything

    Declare the state of Emergency rule; we will have time to rule our selves

    Its not right time to think we must get our rights back

    We ought re-capture our main Town so come down and Join in LTTE.

  • 4 Sep 2005 01:32:46 GMT

    Just before, 1971 JVP revolution double talks appeared which said get ready for the revolution.

    They were talking about KODI + THUWAKKU - the name of a person, but not that.

    In the same way, LTTE is asking to move out from jaffna and Trincomalee, training armies with different names and,

    YEYE comes and say get ready we going to capture our main town JAFFNA.

  • 4 Sep 2005 01:57:38 GMT

    Gyan: The Msn Id is: //Snap , arent you lucky to have horlicks, a poor beggar like me cannot even afford a ` Khatta `.

    YeYe: you should wash your mouth & clean your hands with Harpic /Pynol.

    Inciting people to take up arms in not the answer to your frustration. It hasnt worked for either side for the last 25 years.

    The simple solution is that every singhalese should marry a tamil & vise versa. This will end the conflict.

  • 4 Sep 2005 02:08:54 GMT

    Malsihp is right, What Malship said had hit straight at me

    I`m Tamil my girlfriend is Sinhalese (She is gorgeous and so caring) I think I might pop the question very soon.

  • 4 Sep 2005 03:03:36 GMT

    Why not a muslim or what about marrying a muslim like Neelan Thiruchelvam?

  • 4 Sep 2005 03:33:16 GMT

    Ltte are doing good thing to protect from singala tyrant whom have history of torturing,killing , raping and bombing innocent tamil people

    keep up your good word ltte