LNP – Cabinet decides to reduce congestion in classrooms

The cabinet that met on Monday for the first time in 2023 has decided to strictly adhere to restrict the number of students to a maximum 40 for Grade 1 – 5 and 45 students for Grade 6-11 from this year, cabinet spokesman, Minister Bandula Gunawardana said today.

He told the weekly cabinet news briefing that a new admission system will be introduced from 2023 for students from grade 2 to grade 11 – except grade 6 – in government schools by further streamlining the current circular provisions.

The new system also aims at identifying student groups that really need to change their schools and to create fair and equal access opportunities to enrol in to intermediate grades and to keep the maximum number of students for grades 1-5 classes at 40 and for grades 6-11 at 45 unchanged under the new system.

“One of the biggest problems faced by the Education Ministry over the years is the heavy congestion of students in classes. This has become a big issue among students as well as teachers, that affect the education and performance of students directly. Restriction of the number of students in a class to a manageable level will be a relief to students as well as teachers,” Minister Gunawardana stressed.

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