LNP – English medium from Grade 1 next year: Minister

Along with the education reforms, the Education Ministry is planning to introduce the English medium in all schools from Grade 1 next year, Education Minister Susil Premajayantha said.

While addressing an event organized at the Ministry under the theme ‘English is Simple’, the Minister said the decision was taken to help children in rural areas to move with the new technology and with the world without fear.

“Along with education reforms, English language competence is essential in the advanced world of technology,” he said.

The Minister also said that a proposal was made to continue mathematics and science subjects to be taught in English while in the Sinhala medium classes from grade six on wards. This practice will also be applicable to students who study in the Tamil medium.

“Children will automatically get used to it as most of the subject terms are in English,” Minister Premajayantha said.

One of the main reasons children in rural areas find it difficult to progress in their studies is the lack of knowledge of the English language and the shortage of science, mathematics, and English teachers.

The Minister added that a separate programme will be implemented to provide English language competence with the support of the university system, education system, and teacher advisors.

One thought on “LNP – English medium from Grade 1 next year: Minister

  • September 8, 2022 at 5:48 am

    Amazing and astounding. Hadn’t expect this major breakthrough with the education system.


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