LNP – 12.5Kg LITRO gas cylinder price down by Rs.113

The price of 12.5kg domestic LITRO gas cylinder has been reduced by Rs. 113 from midnight today, LITRO Lanka Chairman Muditha Peiris said.

Accordingly, the new retail price of the 12.5kg gas cylinder will be Rs. 4,551.

The 5 kg gas cylinder will be reduced by Rs.45 and the 2.3 kg cylinder will be reduced by Rs.21 from tonight.

The price reduction is mainly due to the fluctuation in global gas prices, the chairman said.

The price revision took place by collective efforts taken by the Finance Ministry, Consumer Affairs Authority (CAA), the Presidential Secretariat and with LITRO Lanka Ltd., following new added features to the existing gas price formula. Earlier, price of domestic LITRO gas cylinders was reduced on August 9.

One thought on “LNP – 12.5Kg LITRO gas cylinder price down by Rs.113

  • September 6, 2022 at 2:39 am

    Next time just reduce instead of waiting some days. Rs. 113 reduction for 12.5kg cylinder is only about 2.5%. Europe is pushing hard to reduce it’s dependency on imported piped gas from who they most oppose (Russia), if that continues through their winter, maybe we can get some better reduction with the new gas price formula. Anyway, wonder how’s the VAT increase going to or not going to be applied?


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