LNP – COVID-19 death toll crosses 16,000 mark

Sri Lanka’s COVID-19 death toll crossed the 16,000 mark on Sunday, after health officials confirmed 30 COVID-19 fatalities.

A total of 16,024 COVID-19 deaths have been confirmed to date.

Of this, 76.19% are over 60 years, 22.51% are between 30 and 59 years, and 1.29% are below 30 years.

24 COVID-19 deaths confirmed on Sunday were from the over-60 age group and six were from the 30 to 59 age group. Zero COVID-19 deaths were confirmed from the under-30 age group.

20 COVID-19 fatalities confirmed on Sunday were male and 10 were female. Of the total COVID-19 deaths, 9,034 are male and 6,990 are female.

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