LNP – Discussion between Transport State Minister & station masters today

A discussion between the Sri Lanka Railway Station Masters’ Union and State Minister of Transport, Dilum Amunugama is scheduled to be held later today (December 28).

The union’s chairman, Sumedha Somarathna said the station masters plan to resort to an uninterrupted strike action if their demands are not met.

The railway station masters are engaged in union action based on 10 demands including the granting of coverage allowances if promotions cannot be given and the calculation of overtime for them under the same system used to calculate overtime for engine drivers.

Accordingly, the station masters have refrained from transporting and accepting parcels and issuing tickets.

Yesterday, the union it would proceed with their trade union action as discussions held last morning with the General Manager of Railways were unsuccessful.

Later, they also announced their withdrawal from duties related to the transport of fuel, cement and flour.

The association said they decided to abstain from these duties as a protest against the action of the General Manager of Railways.

The union had initially decided to launch a strike from midnight yesterday (26), however they decided to temporarily postpone it until after talks with relevant authorities today.

Meanwhile, the Secretary of the Locomotive Engine Operators’ Union, Indika Dodangoda warned that they would initiate a trade union action if the authorities decide to meet the demands of station masters.

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