LNP – Origin of COVID patients detected at present unknown: Health officials

It has been impossible to recognize the origin of the COVID-19 patients who are being detected at present in the country, Health officials said today.

Dr. Malkanthi Galhena, Consultant Family Physician at the Ministry of Health said it is crystal clear that COVID cases are on the rise again.

“The situation where cases are detected with no origin, indicates the extent to which the virus has spread in the community, which is an alarming situation,” she said.

“Thus, strict adherence to health practices is the need of the hour and people should act with a sense of responsibility,” Dr. Galhena stressed.

Meanwhile, COVID-19 Coordinator, Director of Technical Services of the Ministry of Health, Dr. Anwar Hamdani urged parents not to send their children to schools, if they or their family members have any COVID symptoms or become first contacts of a positive patient.

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