LNP – SJB is not seen as an alternative by the people : Sarath Fonseka

Whilst stating that the SJB is not seen as an alternative by the people, MP Field Marshal Sarath Fonseka yesterday stressed for a programme to woo the dejected SLPP members at the grass root level through an effective propaganda machinery.

MP Fonseka who was speaking at a party meeting in Meerigama said the SJB has to work towards political success as no one would give it to them on a platter.

“People do not see the SJB as a party which is capable of running a government though they have got fed up with the present government. Around 50 percent of those who supported and voted for SLPP are frustrated today. However they don’t seem to think the SJB is an alternative, Therefore we have to have our propaganda machinery in place,” Field Marshal said.

“SJB Leader Sajith Premadasa, Gayantha Karunatileka and a number of others have no corruption charges,” he added.

“The Yahapalana government pledged to send the corrupt behind bars but they also robbed public funds once they came into power. Former Srilankan heads robbed millions of dollars through the Airbus deal, the Yahapalana government canceled it by paying the Airbus Company a large sum. Few Yahapalana government politicians put $ 20 million out of their pockets.

Leaders of the Yahapalana government are responsible for it,” he also said

One thought on “LNP – SJB is not seen as an alternative by the people : Sarath Fonseka

  • November 9, 2021 at 3:04 am

    Though we know what you are talking about is the truth, one is assured you will not allow SP to have a peaceful leadership. You just wanted to use SJP as a launchpad for your ambitions. Having you in a team will bring only destruction to it.


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