LNP – Schools with under 200 students to reopen in two provinces

All primary schools in the Uva Province with under 200 students are set to reopen from October 18, Governor A. J. M. Muzammil.

All provincial education offices have been instructed to make the necessary arrangements to open schools on the set date, the Governor said.

“In the Uva Province, we have decided to make arrangements for the opening of primary schools with less than 200 students from the 18th of next month [October] on the recommendations of the education and health officials. Thereby, we have instructed all the Zonal Directors of Education to prepare the necessary arrangements for the opening of schools on the 18th [of October].”

Meanwhile, all schools in the Southern Province with under 200 students are also set to reopen for academic activities in October.

Governor of Southern Province Willy Gamage said that the schools that fall under the aforementioned criteria will reopen on October 21.

“There are 514 such schools in the Southern Province. We have held preliminary discussions with the health sector and the education sector together. In addition, with the assistance of the Pradeshiya Sabhas, the school is cleaned, disinfected, and prepared for this purpose.

We hope to be able to open such schools in all nine provinces by the 21st of this month [October].”

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