LNP – Health guidelines to be followed from Oct. 1 issued

The Health Ministry today issued a new set of guidelines under two phases to be followed in the month of October once the curfew is lifted from tomorrow (01).

The set of guidelines under the first phase will be in effect from October 1 to 15 while the set of guidelines under the second phase will come into effect from October 16 to 31.

According to the new guidelines, interprovincial travel restrictions are to continue with exemptions for essential activities while all non-essential travel is not permitted from 10 pm- 4 am daily.

Also, trains will not be operated; however, buses will be in operation within the provinces only.

Public and shared transport should preferably be non-air-conditioned and windows should be opened while only seated passengers are allowed in public transport.

All passengers should wear a mask properly during travel.

All work settings should reduce the number of employees coming to work at a given time and where possible adopt work from home. Essential services and industries are exempted and others should function with minimum required numbers, as decided by the Head of the institute.

According to the new guidelines, all public gatherings and parties are not allowed until further notice.

Meanwhile, the schools are yet to open other than schools with total students below 200, which will be reopened as decided earlier while preschools are allowed with 50 per cent of capacity while tuition classes are not allowed. Universities will commence functions as per guidelines

When it comes to holding of weddings, registration of marriage with a maximum of 10 participants can be held under the first phase while under the second phase, weddings can be held with a maximum of 25% of the usual capacity, not exceeding 50 persons with no liquor to be served.

Funerals should be held within 24hrs of releasing the dead body; 10 and 15 at a given time under the first and second phases respectively.

No collective activities or gatherings are allowed at religious places while cinemas and theatres will remain closed.

One thought on “LNP – Health guidelines to be followed from Oct. 1 issued

  • October 1, 2021 at 8:31 am

    Why don’t they simply allow double vaccinated people to travel inter province? People are on holiday in Yala!


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