LNP – Medical Specialists request Govt. to further extend lockdown

In such a situation where the talks on lifting the current lockdown are in the spotlight, the Association of Medical Specialists (AMS) urged the government to further extend the lockdown until the beginning of October.

In a statement, the AMS said the country had just started to witness the positive impact of sustained lockdown with gradually declining case load, oxygen requirements and mortality.

“A further period of extension of these travel restrictions will be required to reap the benefits of all the sacrifices of the entire nation. Therefore, we feel that due consideration should be given to long-term gains, overlooking short-term losses, when the extension of lockdown is reviewed, “the specialists pointed out.”

The AMS also warned that if the relaxation of current restrictions happens too soon, there is a high possibility of severe spread of the disease, resulting in a sudden rise in hospital admissions and the death rate.

“As a country, our aim should be to move to the “Green Zone” from the current “red zone”. With this in mind, the AMS would like to request the decision makers to seriously consider taking this lockdown further to the beginning of early next month,” it reiterated.

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