LNP – Post-covid clinics for those with health issues after recovery: Medical specialist

Claiming that some people who recover from Covid-19 could experience post-covid symptoms such as cough, breathing difficulties and chest pain even after two weeks of recovery, a medical specialist said yesterday such people should seek medical advice.

Consultant Respiratory Physician Thushara Galagoda said those who experience post-covid health issues could visit Post-covid clinics that have been established in Government Hospitals or the District Chest Clinic and seek medical advice.

He told the news conference of the Health Promotion Bureau that some Covid patients who recovered after serious complications or mild complications tend to experience breathing difficulties, cough, fatigue, headache, chest pain or decreased appetite.

He said most of the post-covid patients tend to wear-off the health issues gradually and added that if such health issues were persistent even after two weeks, they should seek medical advice.

Dr. Galaboda said five to ten percent of the patients who recovered from Covid-19 may experience permanent damages to their lungs and pointed out that they should be treated after diagnosing their condition through various tests.

“They need to undergo Pulmonary rehabilitation to fully recover. We established Post-covid clinics attached to respiratory clinics under a Consultant Respiratory Physician two months ago. Such patients can visit the District Chest Clinic as well. If someone has no access to such facilities, they should visit a Physicians Clinic at the nearest hospital,” he said

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