LNP – Sri Lankan players raise image rights issue

Pay cuts are not the only issue that Sri Lanka national team players have had with their central contracts which are yet to be signed, but there are other issues as well, it is learnt.

The players are believed to have raised concerns with their images being used in advertisements by their employer Sri Lanka Cricket (SLC).

“Players want this image rights issue to be resolved as well,” a source privy to the development said.

“At present the players have decided not to sign contracts individually but to sign collectively, maybe after the players return from Bangladesh tour”.

Interestingly, the Sri Lankan Cricketers’ Association will not be “directly” involved with SLC for negotiations.

However, the players may be guided by the association representative, Ken de Alwis.

“We don’t want our players to be victimised and therefore will not hold talks directly with the SLC”, Alwis said.

The association has more than 70 members – former and present cricketers, though not the younger players.

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