LNP – Sri Lanka Vannamei prawns capture Jordanian market

The Sri Lanka Embassy in Jordan in its efforts to drive high value aquaculture commodities from Sri Lanka into Jordan under its economic diplomacy initiative, has been successful in obtaining an order of 5.6 metric tonnes for Sri Lankan Vannamei prawns from one of the largest Jordanian seafood chains.

The 5.6 metric tonnes of Vannamei prawns, sea freighted to Jordan by HTCey Aquaculture Ltd., is the first time Sri Lankan Vannamei prawns of such a quantity is entering the Jordan market subsequent to discussions held by Sri Lanka’s Ambassador Shanika Dissanayake with the Jordanian management to introduce this product. Currently Vannamei prawns marketed in Jordan are of Vietnamese origin.

The Sri Lankan Embassy has been vigorously networking to further advance trade and business opportunities for Sri Lankan seafood companies to garner larger export volumes of the demand for quality seafood in Jordan.

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  • May 7, 2021 at 4:02 am

    Sri Lankan diplomatic missions can play a significant part in introducing new business opportunities to Sri Lanka


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