LNP – Remaining importers notified to re-export carcinogenic coconut oil stocks

Sri Lanka Customs has informed the 02 remaining importers to re-export their coconut oil stocks containing carcinogens.

Katana Refineries, one of the three importers whose oil stocks were found to contain an overdose of carcinogenic Aflatoxin, has re-exported its entire 105 metric tonnes of unrefined coconut oil back to Malaysia.

Meanwhile, Ali Brother had brought down a total of 1513.7 metric tonnes of carcinogenic coconut oils in 04 containers and Edirisinghe Edible Oil Company had imported 230 metric tonnes of coconut oil contained in 03 containers.

Accordingly, the two companies have been instructed by the Sri Lanka Customs to take immediate action for the re-export of their stocks.

It was recently revealed that stocks of unrefined coconut oil imported by 03 companies – Ali Brothers, Edirisinghe Edible Oil, and Katana Refineries – contained the carcinogen Aflatoxin. It was confirmed through a second test that the relevant coconut oil stocks contain high levels of Aflatoxin.

Thereby, the Sri Lanka Customs ordered the relevant companies to re-export their coconut oil stocks.

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