LNP – Coconut oil to be sold at control price of Rs 450 per bottle – Bandula

Necessary steps have been taken to provide a bottle of quality, local coconut oil at a control price of Rs. 450, said Minister of Trade Bandula Gunawardena.

He mentioned this speaking at a media briefing held today (April 12).

The Minister further said, “No matter what changes take place, a bottle of locally produced pure coconut oil, suitable for human consumption, will be sold for Rs. 450 through Sathosa and Cooperatives, until the end of this year.

We can come to such an agreement. Then there will be no price increase of coconut oil until the end of this year. We will enter into an agreement with the All Ceylon Traditional Coconut Oil Manufacturers Association to supply coconut oil at a price of Rs 450 without any shortage.”

Meanwhile, Sri Lanka Customs today re-exported 105 metric tons of imported unrefined coconut oil to Malaysia, which were found to contain carcinogens.

It was recently revealed that stocks of unrefined coconut oil imported by 03 companies – Ali Brothers, Edirisinghe Edible Oil, and Katana Refineries – contained the carcinogen Aflatoxin. It was confirmed through a second test that the relevant coconut oil stocks contain high levels of Aflatoxin.

Thereby, the Sri Lanka Customs ordered the relevant companies to re-export their coconut oil stocks.

One thought on “LNP – Coconut oil to be sold at control price of Rs 450 per bottle – Bandula

  • April 13, 2021 at 4:35 am

    Good move by the government at this juncture. However, there are many essential commodities much needed for daily existence that needed to be price controlled. In reality the moment the government enforces a price ceiling the stocks go missing. This is the sad plight of this country. Ultimately the poor will be effected no matter what the circumstance.


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