LNP – Softlogic team up with Huawei as a Strategic Partner to introduce latest Enterprise Solutions to Sri Lanka

World’s leading ICT solutions provider Huawei and Sri Lanka’s Softlogic Information Technologies Pvt Ltd, a subsidiary of Softlogic Holdings PLC, and one of the country’s leading software and hardware solutions providers, recently announced their partnership in Enterprise Solutions, Cloud and AI to bring innovative ICT solutions to the Sri Lankan market.

The digital economy is now firmly established as a core driver of growth to nations and its industries and the importance of digital technologies to the modern economy is undeniable. Softlogic, which came into being as an IT company almost 3 decades ago, today holds a leading market position in the country for infrastructure modernization. It is in a unique position to help local organizations and Sri Lanka discover innovative ways to manage technology that helps shape business strategies to achieve growth.

“In the last decade many revolutions have taken place – the internet revolution, the mobile revolution and even the social media revolution: however there are a lot of organisations in Sri Lanka that have not adapted to these changes. What we are trying to do at Softlogic is to help them transform digitally. At Softlogic we possess a lot of experience to help organisations to make this transformation.” said Softlogic Information Technologies Chief Executive Officer/Director Roshan Rassool. He went on to add, “According to the world bank, the global economy is worth USD 86.598 Trillion, out of which the digital economy contributes approximately 15% of the overall GDP and is anticipated to grow to 24.3% by 2025 (UNCTAD)”.

Huawei Sri Lanka CEO, Liang Yi speaking at the event stated that “The partnership with Softlogic will enable us to provide innovative solutions to the Sri Lankan market, mainly using the disruptive technologies of Huawei such as cloud, connectivity and enterprise intelligence. We have established a competitive information and communications technology (ICT) portfolio of end-to-end solutions in telecom and enterprise networks, devices and cloud computing.”

He further added that Huawei’s digital services are designed to help global businesses undertake their digital transformation journey. These digital services cover every step of the transformation process — and beyond — from strategic development and implementation to operational support, effectively helping customers successfully realize digital transformation, now and in the future.

“In today’s world, collaborative smart ecosystems are essential in a modern, connected office, which leverages cloud capabilities to deliver a seamless user-centric experience, designed to enhance the way teams work together wherever they work from” Liang Yi added.

He highlighted that Softlogic Technologies’ IT sector provides a platform for Huawei to provide a range of solutions along the IT value chain that could cater to the ICT landscape as well as a number of other industries including Education, Healthcare, Retail and Transport.

Huawei Enterprise provides a broad range of innovative ICT infrastructure products and solutions for vertical industries and enterprise customers worldwide. Being a global ICT solutions provider playing to its strengths in ICT development, Huawei makes full use of the latest technologies, and closely works with customers, partners, and industry experts to explore full potential.

“Softlogic aims to bring in world class solutions to the local market to assist in this digital business transformation, not just for businesses but even from a country perspective. Most existing organizations not just in Sri Lanka but across the globe, have continued to conduct their business in a manner in which they did during the pre-internet era. These gaps were clearly seen during the covid-19 ‘lockdown’ periods where organizations found themselves completely under prepared in their supply value chain and their availability to offer digital services online to capture new markets and gain the much needed efficiencies from a digital system. Hence our partnership with Huawei can only result in a win-win situation for both our customers”, said Rasool.

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