LNP – Hefty payments from a petty cash imprest!

There is a political authority of a prominent office of the regime overlooking the Indian ocean who incurs petty cash expenses alone a day running into about Rs. 2 million. 

An aide of the political authority who daily receives this money as ‘petty cash’ on behalf of his boss dutifully accounts for it by submitting the bills in respect of the cash payments made, they say. 

The secretary and the other white-collar high-ups  of this office are said to be highly perturbed over this irregular expenditures incurred daily, but they keep mum, as the orders of the political authorities usually override the administrative regulations. 

However, the responsible white-collar authorities are said to be duly placing on record these irregular payments and also have informed the top authorities about the situation.

Meanwhile, some sources say that the head of an institution coming under the purview of this prominent office has begun looking for a  new job. 

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