LNP – Enjoying the bliss of a care-free life!

A group of political colleagues who paid a courtesy call on the Green party leader the other day had found him in a very cheerful mood, they say.

During a heart-to-heart chat with the visitors, the Green party leader had told them how he was enjoying a care-free time these days. 

The visitors had appealed to him, “Sir, please accept the council seat for the sake of the country and the party.”

He had chuckled and replied: “I am no longer interested. Now I am leading a care-free life. There are young people capable of taking the party forward. I don’t mind sharing with them what I have gained from my experience. But I don’t want to give up my freedom!”

Meanwhile, informed sources say that there is a marked increase these days in the number of well-wishers calling on the Green party leader. 

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