LNP – EDB licenses ‘Ceylon Spices’ trademark to preserve originality

  • Trademark available for use annually for approved producers, processors and exporters of cinnamon, pepper, clove, nutmeg, mace, cardamom
  • Applicable for products grown, manufactured and packed 100% in Sri Lanka
  • Evaluation committee comprises members from EDB, SLSI, Industrial Technology Institution, Industrial Export Ministry, Department of Export Agriculture
  • Key initiative as part of strengthening global marketing will help double spices exports to $ 880 m by 2022
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To strengthen quality and preserve originality, the Export Development Board (EDB) has kicked-off licencing of ‘Ceylon Spices’ trademark for qualifying producers, processors and exporters of cinnamon, pepper, clove, nutmeg and mace as well as cardamom.

The latest initiative follows the EDB in September last year unveiling ‘Ceylon Spice’ master brand as part of the latest global marketing initiative for the spice sector. This is to achieve the target of $ 880 million from the ‘Spices and Concentrates’ export sector by 2022 from about $ 300 million in 2019. 

The trademark supports growers, processors and manufacturers to clearly identify their products as ‘Made in Sri Lanka’ and informs customers and consumers that all products are of genuine Sri Lankan origin. The ‘Ceylon Spices’ trademark could be used only for spices 100% grown, manufactured and packed in Sri Lanka.

According to the Central Bank Annual Report, total earnings from spice exports last year were Rs. 56 billion and comprises cinnamon exports of Rs. 33.5 billion, pepper exports of Rs. 9 billion, cloves exports of Rs. 5.4 billion and nutmeg and mace exports of Rs. 6.3 billion.

The ‘Ceylon Spices’ logo is owned by the EDB and is promoted as a global trademark. The EDB is empowered to issue licences for ‘Ceylon Spices’ trademark. The trademark would carry the lion placed inside the Sri Lanka flag with the wordings ‘Ceylon Spices’ with the ‘Born in Sri Lanka’ tagline.

EDB said those who wish to use the ‘Ceylon Spices’ trademark on export product packages should obtain a license. A one-time registration fee of Rs. 10,000 is applicable at the time of registration while there is an annual fee of Rs. 7,500 for each approved product for the use of ‘Ceylon Spices’ with the lion logo.

“The validation of registration expires after one year, from the date of registration and all authorised users should renew registration prior to the expiry date. Annual fees of Rs. 7,500 for each product should be paid at the time of renewal,” according to EDB sources.

As per the guidelines of the EDB, all products should comply with the relevant Sri Lankan product standards from Sri Lanka Standards Institution (SLSI) for spices and approval will be given on the recommendation of the evaluation committee comprising members from SLSI, Industrial Technology Institution (ITI), Industrial Export Ministry, Department of Export Agriculture and EDB.

“A random inspection may be conducted by the EDB officers or members of the evaluation committee without prior notice to evaluate the manufacturing process to inspect the compliance to the guidelines outlined by the EDB,” the EDB said.

Every company/individual using the ‘Ceylon Spices’ logo should ensure that the ‘Ceylon Spices’ logo is correctly depicted in original form as given in the trademark. The ‘Ceylon Spices’ logo should be of a size which is in proportion to the front surface of the package (5%), the logo should be clearly visible on the relevant package, all packages should also carry the ‘Ceylon Spices’ registration number given by the EDB and ‘Ceylon Spices’ logo and registration number should be in printed form and not in sticker form.

EDB said the ‘Ceylon Spices’ logo can be used only after receiving the letter of approval issued by the EDB.

Application and guidelines are available at EDB’s Export Agriculture Division as well as online from the EDB website on www.srilankabusiness.com.

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