Epidemiologist cautions of swine flu spreading in China

It was advised to be alert on a new type of swine flu spreading in China, which has the potentiality to develop into a future pandemic, Chief Epidemiologist of the Epidemiology Unit, Dr. Sudath Samaraweera said today.

Addressing the media, Dr. Samaraweera said according to the Chinese researchers, the virus which is descended from the H1N1 swine flu, had been confirmed to have infected some people working in the farms.

“The new flu which has been identified in China is similar to the 2009 swine flu, but with some changes,” Dr. Samaraweera said.

“However, the researchers have affirmed that the virus would not develop into a pandemic at this juncture, but it was vital to be alert,” he added.

Meanwhile, responding to a question posed by a journalist as to whether Sri Lanka is facing any potential risk of a second wave Covid-19, Dr. Samaraweera said there could always be a risk of a second wave of the virus, if health guidelines are not properly practised.

“It is really important that we maintain the momentum of practicing health guidelines properly in at the backdrop where the country is returning to normalcy, so that we may be safe from the virus in future as well,” he said.

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