LNP – Wearing facemask in public spaces: Police to gather data

The Police is to observe whether the public adheres to respiratory etiquette (RE) by wearing facemasks when entering public spaces with heavy crowd density for a period of one week starting from today (29).

With the country’s economic operation now returning to normal and the workforce being able to report back to work, many have returned to their daily routines.

However, law enforcement authorities are required to monitor whether people adhere to the health guidelines set forth when the country came out of a three-month lockdown which was imposed as a measure to prevent the spread of Covid-19.

Police Media Spokesperson SP Jaliya Senaratne, refuting the speculation that anyone who would not be wearing a facemask will be sent for a 14-day quarantine, revealed that the Police will only reprimand anyone who is not wearing a facemask in designated areas.

“We do not have the legal provisions to penalise anyone who does not wear a mask. However, this week we have directed our officers posted in all cities, especially areas where there is a heavy footfall of people, to monitor the number of persons that adhere to the requirements of wearing a facemask when stated,” SP Senaratne told The Morning.

He further noted that the police officers will request any person entering or walking into a public space to wear the facemask. Furthermore, they are also required to obtain the person’s name, ID number, and contact details (residential address and phone number) and make a note of it along with the time and place the person was asked to wear the facemask.

The public is requested to wear a facemask when travelling in public transport, entering business premises and retail premises, entering cities, entering religious establishments, and any place where it is stipulated.

He also stated that people are not required to wear a facemask within their private residences, within their office environment, or in open spaces where they will not come into contact with persons they are not acquainted with.

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