Dialog extends critical connectivity solutions to IDH Hospital

In an effort to support medical professionals and essential medical services during the ongoing COVID-19 crisis, Dialog Axiata PLC extended free critical connectivity solutions for video conferencing facilities and Internet access to support the medical staff at IDH – the central healthcare institution spearheading the control of COVID-19 outbreak in the country. 

This timely set up enabled the health care providers of IDH to share information and provide synchronous remote medical assistance to other hospitals and health 
care institutions. 

The Dialog Engineering team managed to fulfil the urgent IDH request within the same day, installing equipment to provide Dedicated Internet Leased Line, facilitate high-speed WiFi broadband connectivity and provide several mobile devices required by medical staff. 

While doctors, nurses and medical personnel extend their tireless efforts on the frontline against the spread of COVID-19, Dialog stepped forward to support and equip IDH with critical connectivity solutions, video conferencing facilities and mobile devices to empower health care professionals by giving them the required digital tools with which they can focus completely on diagnosis, mitigation, patient tracking, contamination prevention, protecting medical staff, and effectively conducting their daily emergency care efficiently and expeditiously.

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