All Ayurvedic Hospitals to remain open during curfew

The Presidential Task Force on Essential Services yesterday announced that all Ayurvedic Hospitals would be remained open despite the curfew imposed in the country. Issuing a statement, the Presidential Task Force said the government would take steps to import coriander, ginger and tree turmeric (venivel) after considering the heavy consumption of these herbs during the COVID-19 pandemic. The statement also said that the government had decided to provide permits to at least one registered Ayurvedic shop in each divisional secretariat to conduct mobile services in the area. Doctors registered with the Department of Ayurveda have been also permitted to visit and treat the patients who are receiving long term treatments. The Task Force further mentioned that the medicines of patients who are registered with the Ayurveda Department will also be delivered to their homes in collaboration with the Postal Department.

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