Old couple in Wellawatte found infected with COVID-19

An old couple living in Wellawatte were detected by  Colombo Municipal Council (CMC) medical officers to have been infected by COVID-19, CMC Chief Medical Officer Dr. Ruwan Wijeyamuni said today.

He said they were 84 years old and had sought treatment from three hospitals in the City.

Dr. Wijeyamuni said though they had been taken to these hospitals by their two granddaughters who were both doctors they had not disclosed their symptoms to the doctors at those hospitals.

He said their two sons had returned from a visit to India on March 14 but had been tested negative to any COVID-19 infection.

“The main issue is that the couple had associated with more than 45 people in the area.They will now be quarantined and subjected to regular medical tests,” Dr. Wijeyamuni said.

“Even the staff of the three hospitals from which the couple had sought treatment will have to be quarantined.”

He said so far there had been 11 COVID-19 patients detected in Colombo.

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