Avoid home accidents related to ENT during lockdown period: ENT Surgeons

The college of Otolaryngologists (ENT Surgeons) of Sri Lanka advised people to avoid home accidents related to Ear Nose Throat during lockdown period as there will be a postponement of non-urgent ENT procedures and limited service at ENT clinics during this epidemic.

“The most ENT examinations (including simple throat examination to voice box examination) and most ENT procedures (endoscopies, surgeries) are recognized as aerosol generating procedures and  Aerosol originating from a COVID19 infected patient can readily pass the infection to medical and other staff. If health care workers get infected they need to keep away from work resulting closure of units or entire hospitals. Moreover the infected health workers can spread the infection to other patients during pre-symptomatic period,” they said in a statement.

“Because of these reasons most ENT academic organizations have recommended to avoid or postpone above mentioned procedures and if there is an urgency, to do those using full protection gear which are in short supply in many countries. Hence the public will notice that there will be a postponement of non-urgent ENT procedures and limited service at ENT clinics during this epidemic. However, patients are welcome to call the hospitals and ENT doctors who are ready to advise them on future course of action,” it said.

People were advised to be very careful when eating fish and meat to avoid bones getting stuck in the throat especially during feeding of children.

“Children should be looked after with uttermost care to prevent accidental insertion of foreign bodies to ear nose and throat. Common foreign bodies are Toys with small parts, plastic beads, coins, hair pins and seeds. Please keep these away from children during this difficult period. At no time children should be allowed to play with button batteries as these can cause extensive tissue damage if inserted to ear nose throat. Children less than three years should not be given nuts and other hard foods to eat as these can get aspirated to airway causing an emergency,

“People who use artificial dentures should be careful to prevent accidental swallowing of those. Please look after the children playing at home to avoid falls and other injuries. Any of the above accidents need a visit to the hospital where you will face delays and screening before the treatment. Please note that the prevention of above accidents will save much needed hospital resources and time of health staff. Hence please be vigilant and take all the precautions to prevent these accidents while you and your family are staying at home,” the statement said.

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