Apparel sector leads in mass scale insurance for employees and their families

At a time when calamity strikes us, when every one of us in the whole wide world (www) are caught off guard how many of us – citizens, would have some kind of financial support to meet this sort of unexpected crisis situation. Something drastic like this has to strike us to realize its true value. We have habitually taken this for granted – nothing will happen to us. It is not that we don’t have the means, sheer ignorance. In most of the developed world countries (where the citizen has to pay hefty premiums) they have some solace as their financial needs for post/pre medi-care will be met by insurance companies thus placing less burden on the state. Covid-19 is our latest enemy, determined to wipe out human race from the face of this earth. Just as dangerous it may seem, paralyzing once life and those of the family members due to lack or insufficient financial security will kill you even before the dreaded virus invades our fragile body. It’s a small price one has to pay to secure a future to meet emergency requirements. Even a few hundreds will give just be enough to meet your needs without having to seek outside contribution or even in worse case die of the disease without any medication. Wake up citizens, this could be our final call. On the part of the insurance industry itself, they need to do their numbers and offer the citizens from all walks of life an affordable proposition where they will be assured of some kind of “medical or life cover” to meet any life and death situation. The Joint Apparel Association Forum (JAAF) recently entered into a landmark agreement with Ceylinco Life and General for a total life, medical and death cover for the employee and their children, parents and parents-in-law. This is a great step aimed at providing a sense of relief and stability to families at times of unforeseen or sudden calamity they could face. “We have a potential base of 400,000 employees in the apparel sector and we have taken advantage of our collective bargaining strength and have been able to come up with a standard package that could fit everyone in the apparel industry” a source close to the apparel industry said.

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